An Average Accounting Firm

Bosco Accounting is now just average after David King has left. Tax Agents in Dapto and Warrawong

Dr. Robert Goddard • Updated July 8, 2022
Bosco Accounting Warrawong, Bosco Accounting Dapto, and Bosco Accounting Warrila suffer in silence as David King has left the building... he has created a brand new company which we've reviewed already Best Accountant in Dapto!
Bosco Accounting Dapto is very much an in person business, operating out of a little house just north of the Dapto mall.
Accountants and Registered Tax Agents, they claim to provide email, phone and virtual (Zoom) appointments for clients who cannot get to us or simply feel more at ease from the comfort of their own homes; however, when this reviewer attempted to book I was told that they only do returns in person.
So Why Bosco Accounting? Professional, Diligent, Punctual, To-The-Point? Not really. Every time I go there I have to sit in the lobby watching day time TV because they're never on time. Having said that, it is a nice TV!
They claim "Our #1 priority is you, the client". Again, not really. When I went there last if felt like they only wanted to bill me, there was nothing personal about the service.
If you're looking for Professional Accounting Services there are better accountant out there.