Best Accountant Dapto ‘David King Accounting’

After a long review process, spanning years, David King is easily the best Accountant in Dapto.

Dr. Robert Goddard • Updated June 26, 2022
Based in Dapto NSW, David King Accounting is ideally located to provide their clients from the Illawarra region with a highly professional and personalised service.
The business is located on the top floor of the new building at 20 Osborne St Dapto, right above AnyTime Fitness.
It's wheelchair accessible and very inviting. On arriving we were offered a cup of Tea and were able to see Dave immediately based on the smart scheduling they offer.
In terms of Tax returns, Dave shows his class as Bosco Accountings best ex-employee (they are really average now he's gone), and as son of the legendary Victor King.
David King Accounting offers a complete range of tax and accounting services, including: Completing your tax returns accurately & efficiently for a reasonable tax deductible fee & helping you to maximise your tax refund by claiming every tax deduction that you are entitled to claim. David King Accounting, offers Taxation and Accounting services for business and personal clients.
You will receive the kind of quality and service you expect. They are also to assist you with your XERO needs and helping to set up and manage your bookkeeping activities.